Drawing and painting became Kate Matthiesen's driving passion when a gifted teachers at the Monarch School handed her a large sheet of black paper and some pastels in 2004.

Kate Matthiesen works with acrylics and pastels on multiple surfaces, including canvas, paper and velvet board.  She works in an expressive, painterly way and incorporates many techniques to complete a piece.  Her interest in texture is obvious from the thick, impasto applications of acrylics and multiple layers of pastels.  Matthiesen’s tools of choice range from brushes and wooden implements to her fingers and hands.  A closer look at a specific piece lets the viewer investigate elements used as direct and indirect communication links.  Sometimes she collages small, rectangular pieces of paper (“windows”) as well as other items (broken pastels, beads, leaves).  These appear in most of her painted works on canvas and paper.  The addition of drawn images, words and text (“letters”) opens her work to the more universal interpretation of private communication, much like that of Cy Twombly.  On seeing his work Matthiesen remarked, “He talks just like I do.”  She was born with a profound language-based learning disability and speaks and writes with difficulty.  Matthiesen lives and works in Houston, TX.  Matthiesen’s work is in numerous private and corporate collections.